Developing an Entrepreneurial mindset Part Four

entrepreneurial mindset

I was told by different mentors that my income would only grow to the level of my own self-esteem. While that made sense on the surface, it took some time before the words really started to resonate with me. I became vigilant about what messages I was telling myself and passing down to my children.

As entrepreneurs, if we truly want to become wealthy and build a great business, we need to adopt the proper mindsets. I had a strong desire to gain wealth because I knew it would help me do many of the things I wanted to do in life. Yet, it seemed the harder I tried to gain wealth, the faster I was pushing it away.

On the surface, I wanted to attract and achieve wealth. However, from lessons I learned as a child, I believed deep down that if I acquired wealth, it would make me a bad person and I would lose the respect of those around me. I had often been told that in order to get wealthy, one had to hurt or cheat other people. On one hand, I loved business and finances and knew I could do well and make a lot of money. On the other hand, my subconscious mind would fight me every step of the way. Initially, I thought that I wasn’t very lucky or that I didn’t know enough. So, I kept trying to learn more, hoping that I would find the missing link. The problem was that I was looking outside of myself for the answer, when—in fact—the answer had been buried inside of me the whole time.

My daughter has a completely different outlook on creating wealth. She grew up learning that money or wealth is available to everyone, especially when people stay disciplined and follow the daily habits needed for acquiring wealth. As a child, she discovered that money is a tool (no more, no less) for helping us bring our goals into realty. For one person, that goal may be to put food on the table. For another, it might be taking an exciting vacation. For yet another, that goal might be to build a large business or enterprise. No one goal is better or worse than another. Every goal is important to its holder.

 If you’re not careful about your own beliefs about money and wealth, your subconscious mind will continually sabotage your efforts, and it will be extremely hard to build a great business—let alone acquire wealth. The two go hand-in-hand.

Many people share the same fears or concerns about money and finances. I have found that before creating a business or financial plan, it’s first necessary to help entrepreneurs work through their own beliefs about money and becoming wealthy.

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