Developing an Entrepreneurial mindset Part Seven

entrepreneurial mindset

When on your computer, you may be working on one project and have another project or program working in the background. If the program running in the background suddenly developed a virus, it would most likely mess up the project you're currently working on, as well. Our brains operate in much the same way. We install virus protection software on computers to make sure this doesn’t happen, yet we leave our subconscious minds exposed to all the data around us. So, when it comes to creating wealth, our financial beliefs or mindsets will generally come from the following past experiences, or “data”: 

Past Experiences             Present Conditions

1.) Parental influences                   1.) Peer groups

2.) Our environment                      2.) Financial situation

3.) Religious influences                 3.) Physical well-being

4.) School days                             4.) Media influences 5.) Teachers, coaches, failures

To get around subconscious messages, we need to ask ourselves what we have learned from our pasts—the good and bad. We then need to bless our pasts for the best that has happened and forget the rest. This is very important to do so that we don’t bring any negative or limiting beliefs around money or finances into our current businesses. The great thing about the subconscious mind is that it can be reprogrammed through a variety of exercises.

The three most important things for positively changing your subconscious mind are: 1) intake (for instance, the books you read or the classes you take); 2) associations (the people you spend our time with); and 3) affirmations or words and phrases you say to yourself on an ongoing basis. Let’s explore these three concepts in a bit more detail.


  • Intake: Do you like to read, listen to tapes, or attend seminars to expand your horizons and learn about how other people succeed? What kind of messages are you feeding your subconscious?
  • Associations: Make a list of the ten people you spend most of your time Ask yourself: do they build me up or tear me down? If a relationship tears you down, decide which of these associations could easily be replaced.
  • Affirmations: These are the quickest and most effective ways to change the words or phrases you use when you talk to yourself. When writing affirmations, they need to be in the present tense and affirm what is

Some great affirmations are: 

  • I am a money
  • I prosper wherever I
  • I am healthy and filled with
  • I achieve the goals that I
  • I grow, push, and
  • I easily attract money to

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