Developing an Entrepreneurial mindset Part Six

entrepreneurial mindset

An acronym I use to help clients stay focused on their financial plan is P.E.A.C.E., for financial peace comes from having control over finances. Those letters stand for Passionate, Energized, Appreciation, Clear, Empowered. P.E.A.C.E. is then broken down like this: 

  • If you are passionate about what you are doing, the money will
  • Let your passion fill your spirit and keep you energized.
  • Remember to show appreciation for all the people who help you along your
  • Keep a clear and concise plan for how you are going to reach your financial
  • Let your passion, energy, appreciative spirit, and a clear and concise financial management system empower you to reach even your highest

Without a solid mental foundation or financial path, people tend to follow different negative patterns and repeat common mistakes, such as over-spending, making emotional (not logical) financial decisions, or avoiding an idea or action that might take them out of their comfort zones.

When a person's conscious mind is busy at work trying to figure something out, if he or she isn’t careful, the subconscious mind may halt his or her actions four times harder than the conscious mind would. The ability to fully utilize a strong financial management system is empowered by how well someone is able to control the subconscious mind. The trick with financial management is to trust the system (not your internal fears) and let it do what it was created to do.



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