Learning to lean into your strengths while getting rid of your saboteurs.

Season #3 Episode #1

Consuela Muñoz is a Gallup certified strength coach who uses a strength-based approach to build confidence. Building remodeling and transforming the confidence of women and their teams is what she has done for over 12 years. She has recently founded C school, that she'll be sharing with us that’s designed for the professional woman who wished to own the room. She also is offering a 12 week leadership program that she's going to be sharing with us to towards the end of the podcast.  

She will be we work with both our strengths and saboteurs.  Strengths are something that you're born with their natural talents for you, it's the thing about you, that makes you the most amazing person that you are. And your saboteurs. They are really developed. They are developed as when your children, and it's a way to kind of protect yourself and survive your perceived threats of, you know, threats to your physical person or to your emotions when you're a child and you're not quite ready to handle all of that.

I'm sure there's like an official definition of a saboteurs. But to me saboteurs are those negative thoughts that you have, or the negative voices that you hear. And they're telling you things like you suck, and no, if you don't get moving, you're never going to be successful, you're not going to make it you're not good enough, it's telling you all those thoughts. And, you know, we needed them as a child. But as an adult, we don't need those thoughts anymore to protect us. But they've become habit, they become a way of a thinking pattern in our mind. And, and we've had them so long that that we don't even think of them sometimes as that sabotage or that negative thought is it's something that we depend on to help push us we feel like, but the thing is that every negative thought every saboteurs is a lie. Every negative thought is a lie. And when you start there, it gets a little easier.
Here is the link for the program  https://cschool.ownyourconfidence.com/applycschool  

Stay tuned, In this interview, you will learn so much more….